Anniversary Waltz

Oh, how we danced on the night we were wed,
we vowed our true love, though a word wasn't said.
The world was in bloom, there were stars in the skies,
except for the few that were there in your eyes.

Dear as I held you close in my arms,
angels were singing a hymn to your charms.
Two hearts gently beating, murmuring low,
darling, I love you so.

The night seemed to fade into blossoming dawn,
the sun shone anew, but the dance lingered on.
Could we but relive that sweet moment sublime,
we'd find that our love is unaltered by time.


On December 4, 1953, Jerry Simpson and Virginia (Josie) Momot were married in Waterloo, Illinois. Jerry and Josie were reared in Glen Alum. Jerry is the son of the late Allen and Jane (Ferrell) Simpson. When Josie was a tiny tot, her father lovingly placed her in the care of the Toth family. Mrs. Toth became Mom Toth to Josie.

The Simpsons settled in Missouri to raise their family. Jerry retired in 1996 after working 43 1/2 years for Dorris Company. They have called the same house home for 47 years.

In December of 2003, Jerry and Josie renewed their wedding vowels in their home church. The cermony was performed by Pastor Brad Stocton at the Church of the Nazerene, where Josie and Jerry have been members for 26 years.

Their children and grandchildren were present.

Jerry and Josie with their children David, Nancy, daughter-in-law Deb, and son Parvin

Jerry and Josie with their Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

The children and grandchildren hosted a big surprise reception for Jerry and Josie after the wedding.

When asked to what they attributed the fifty years of marriage, they replied, "LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER - MOST OF ALL - HAVING CHRIST IN OUR LIVES."


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