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by Judy Hatfield

As I have explained before, I had thought for several years about constructing a site for all of us Glen Alum people. However, I had never had any computer training. All of my knowledge of the computer world came from surfing the web and learning a little at a time with the help of my husband.  So when my local server provided web space for a one time fee, I jumped at the chance to start my adventure.

I had not an inkling as to what I was to do to get the site opened, so after staring for a week at the email which said we  now had our own web site and domain name, I finally ask for help from a local young man by the name of John Sheppard who spent a few valuable hours getting us setup.  John is attending school in Fairmont, W. Va. When he returned to school, I could not remember much of what he had told me, so I had to seek counsel from another source.

This is where Pete Cole (photo) came to our rescue.  Being a Glen Alum person himself, Pete showed great interest in the Glen Alum site.  He readily answered our many questions and performed many of the tasks himself.  He has been such a help to us I wanted to recognize him by adding this story to our site.

Pete is the son of Earl and Helen Cole, and the grandson of Julius and Mary Bragg and Tom  and Lucy Marshall Cole.   He lives in Hixson, TN and is the father of three daughters and has five grandchildren. 

Attending grade school in Glen Alum until he was ten years old, Pete then moved to Ben Creek Grade School, on to Gilbert High School, then moved to Reynoldsburg, Ohio where he graduated in 1965 from Reynoldsburg High School.

After 10 years with AT&T, he began his second career in 1976 with  Olan Mills, Inc. in Chattanooga, TN. He has 28 years of tenure with Olan Mills, Inc. and many years of experience with computers. So as you can see he has many capabilities and much knowledge of the world wide web.

We quickly reached the limit of the number of pictures we could upload on our site, so I asked Pete to help us solve the problem.  Well, he solved the problem.  He created the fantastic Photo Album that has been added to our document. 

I have said this in not my site, it is our site, and Pete has definitely done his part in keeping the site going and I wanted to give him the much due credit he deserves.

Thank you so very much John Sheppard and Pete Cole from all the Glen Alum Folks.

Thanks to Roger also for the work and time he has contributed to the site and he is not even a "Glen Alum-er".