There are people in this world who moan and groan over some of the hardships life deals them, but Janice Kirk is not one of them.

As the secretary to the Mingo County Commission prepares to retire after working 47 years at various jobs, she reflected:; "I came to the conclusion you have to do what you have to do. Sometimes the going may be rough but you get through it."

Since 1985, Janice has suffered a series of illnesses but she has weathered all the dark days and presents a cheerful personality to the public.

Her approaching retirement was not ignored by co-workers, the county commission courtroom and adjoining offices were filled with well-wishers. Janice was showered with gifts, cards and gift certificates.

Janice was born May 29, 1931 at Glen Alum, the daughter of coal miner William "Bill" Owens and Bessie Stacy Owens, now deceased. She is one of 12 children, eight of whom survive.

From elementary school at Glen Alum, she went to Gilbert where she was graduated from high school. She later attended a beauty school in Bluefield and for 14 years worked as a beautician, self-employed or for a beauty salon.

Janice began working at the Mingo County Courthouse in 1973 in the county clerk's office, later moving to the tax department, the sheriff's office and then as secretary to county commission.

She was married to Bill Kirk, who passed away in 1974. Bill was a tipple worker for the Sycamore Coal Co.

Janice said she will miss her friends and the day-to-day contact with persons entering the commission offices. "But I will be able to sleep as long as I wish and stay up as late as I want to. I am really looking forward to retirement."

(All the Glen Alum Folks wish Janice many happy years of retirement)