The first Glen Alum reunion was held at the Ben Creek Park on May 30, 2004. Shelby Perry, daughter of Dennis and the late Thelma Perry, had initiated the get together by paying the rental fee for the use of the park and notifying everyone by email of the set date. The plans were a little late in coming together, but everything just fell into place during the last few days before the reunion. We had originally suggested that everyone bring a picnic basket, but the closer the time came, the more the local people realized that it would be rather difficult for the out-of-towners to bring a lunch. So word was passed that when you cooked, cook a little extra to share. And we had plenty of good cooks respond.

Pete Cole, who is greatly appreciated for his work keeping the albums going for the Glen Alum web site, suggested that he bring a P. A. System. And did that ever come in handy. With so much talking and laughing, we had a hard time giving away the prizes for the day. A few times, Denzil Miller had to use his "unique method" of getting everyone's attention. If you want to know what that method is, you must attend the reunion next year. Of course I am saying this in jest, the noise was no problem at all; everyone was having such a good time.

Someone had the idea to volunteer Pete as the Master of Ceremonies and he did a fantastic job. Not only did he provide a P.A. System and act as the main speaker, but he also set up two computer monitors which continually ran a slide show of all the pictures which are posted on the Glen Alum web site. This was a great addition to the reunion for those who do not have access to a computer.

Another act of volunteerism we need to recognize was the collection of donated gifts. Kaye Cole Gibson did a fine little number with the telephone and her great personality and received several donations from the area businesses. She is responsible for the beautiful cake donated by the local IGA owner, Tim Rutledge and the IGA Deli decorated it so beautifully with the picture of Pistol Row, which was copied from one of the Gilbert books. You know, Earl and Helen Cole raised two "go getters". We really appreciate you, Pete and Kaye.

We had well over 100 people in attendance. The names are listed below. Please look them over to see if we have left anyone out or misspelled any names. Just let us know and we will make the corrections. It was hard to come up with the list of names, as everyone did not register.

The Master of Ceremonies began the reunion with a welcome home to everyone. Gary Faries opened the gathering with a prayer.

Judy Hatfield was recognized for her contribution of the Glen Alum web site. A book was presented to her and everyone was ask to sign the book with a note of appreciation for the internet site.

Prizes were donated by local merchants and several members of the reunion. Those donating were:
Lighthouse Floral, Clarices Flower Shop
Gilbert Furniture Company, IGA Groceries
Margaret Monk Eldridge, Pat Aker Walker
Bob and Barb Cisco Chandler, Linda Nichols
Wink Aker House, Robin Croaff
Polly Cole, Pete Cole
Gary Faries
Mounts Funeral Home and H & H Furniture
Bonnie's Restaurant and Babe's Restaurant

As everyone entered the park shelter, they dropped a slip of paper with their name into a treasure chest. At intervals during the day a name would be drawn and that person was presented with a prize.

The last name drawn, Monroe "Pewee" Gibson, won a complete set of Glen Alum Coal Company scrip coins.

Grant Butcher was awarded the prize for being the oldest person born in Glen Alum. He was born in 1925. He was presented a beautiful floral arrangement donated by the Lighthouse Floral.
It was determined that Linda Callaway Denton was the last person born in Glen Alum in 1948. She was presented a floral arrangement donated by Clarice's Flower Shop.

Richard Nichols ask the Lord's Blessing of the plentiful tables of food. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal of ham, fried chicken, BBQ chicken, meatloaf, pizza cassarole,lasagna, baked beans, green beans, pinto beans, cole slaw, potato salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad,broccoli salad, deviled eggs, salsa straight from Texas (delivered by Bob and Barb Cisco Chandler), chips, corn bread, rolls, german chocolate cake, blackberry cobblers made (by Essie Dawn Nichols Sparks) from berries picked in Glen Alum, and watermelon. A special recognition for the cooks of all the delicious food and a special thanks to Essie Dawn Sparks for volunteering to work non stop setting out the food and helping to serve. The picnic tables were covered with different color table cloths, and the food was placed on two L-shaped tables and served buffet style.

Our deepest appreciation to Robert and Stacey Hatfield for their contribution of covering the tables and the job of cleaning up.

Words cannot express the happiness and joy felt at this gathering. The weather was terrible. We had rain most of the day, but it is doubtful that any of us really noticed. There will never be that many hugs and smiles, laughter and pats on the back again until next year when we all meet again. If you were not able to attend the 2004 reunion, please mark the date for next years gathering. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!!

Those in attendance were:
Alex Nagy
Amanda Callaway
Anna Matney
Aubrey May
Barb Cisco Chandler
Betty Dotson
Beverly Taylor Bryant
Bill Evans
Bill May
Bill Trent
Billy Burton
Bob Chandler
Bobby Reynolds
Brittany Cox
Carol Faries
Chuck Murphy
Cole Adkins
David France
Deanie Lockard
Denzil Miller
Don Trent
Donna Allred
Donny Noe
Essie Dawn Sparks
Estil Miller
Gary Faries
Genevieve Burton
George Dovin
Grant Butcher
Granville Miller
Harlon Cisco
Harold Trent, Jr.
Harry Dotson
Harvey Collins
Harvey Harrison
Harvey Harrison III
Heath Gibson
Irvin Gibson
J. D. Harrison
J. P. Burton
Jacqueline Perry
James Perry
James Sparks
Janice Owens Kirk
Jarrad Callaway
Jennifer Cisco
Jim Callaway
Jim Croaff
Joe Lendearo
Joe Toler
Josh Gibson
Joyce Burton
Judy Browning
Judy Hatfield
June Maynard Bradford
Junior Ferrell
Karen Owens
Kathryn (Sook) Perry Toler
Kay Matney
Kaye Cole Gibson
Langley France
Larry Bradley
Lavern Cisco
Lawrence Miller
Linda Callaway
Linda Miller May
Linda Nichols
Lou Callaway
Lum Matney
Major Bryant
Margaret (Dukie) Dovin Buckley
Margaret Monk Eldridge
Margie Noe Coyle
Martha Cisco
McKenna Matney
Minnie Dotson Ferguson
Monroe "Pewee" Gibson
Neltha Croaff
Norma Jean Miller
Ola Mae Miller
Pat Aker Walker
Pearl Cisco Liles
Penny France
Pete Cole
Polly Cole
Rachel Maynard Makofsky
Ralph Owens
Richard Nichols
Robert France
Robert Hatfield
Robin Croaff
Ronald Ferrell
Ronnie Allred
Ruby Ward
Sharon Sparks Gibson
Sheila Miller
Shelby Nichols
Shirley Collins
Shirley Dotson Hatfield
Stacey Hatfield
Sue May
Ted Lockard
Ted Pruitt
Toad Ferrell
Trina Harrison
Vanessa Prater
Vivian Miller
Wendy "Wink" Aker House
Woodrow Miller